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With 255 pokies to choose from GamingClub which was established in 1994 certainly appears to be going all out in order to make your playing experience a fun and enjoyable one. This site is so sleek with great graphics, videos and audio to feed your enjoyment.   They have a superb welcome bonus and registration is straightforward.

Back in 2009 a massive online jackpot payout of 6,34,599,92 Euro was won by one of GamingClubs players!  (Won on Mega Moolah,) the lucky winner had wagered a mere $5 in order to become a multi-millionaire, proof indeed that Lady Luck can smile on you in a big way!  So do check out the great selection of progressive pokies on offer.  It is always a good idea to place some of your money aside to play on these games, as you never know, you may be the next to be smiled upon.  GamingClub provides all prospective players with information to any questions that may be asked and they have a dedicated customer support team available to you 24/7.

As mobile gaming is the fastest growing sector in the overall gambling market, the time is now to take that chance to see if you can win yourself some extra real money.  If you would like to play your favourite pokies whilst on the move GamingClub has provided you with easy access to all of your favourite reels, and remember that all bonuses and promotions will also apply when you play through your mobile device.  So if you fancy a flutter whilst commuting, or even whilst taking a break, you now have the opportunity to do so.  Your log-in information will stay the same as will your password, so there is no requirement to remember anything new.

New to Your Mobile?

Not everyone can fire up their brand new phone or tablet with a flick of the wrist from the beginning.  Many spend a few hours trying to sort out what button to press and this is fine as at some point we are all newbies!  So for those who have just begun and still feel as if you have not totally grasped everything you need to know here are a few simple tips that might help you out.

  • If you do not know something check out Google Search.  You should never have to go for more than a few seconds to get your answer.
  • Learn how to expand and shrink your notifications.  Some of your notifications will be situated on your pulldown and these will be expandable; this makes it possible to view more or less information without you having to enter into any app.  Usually just a simple touch and swipe will expand things for you, whilst a two finger swipe together usually makes the screen smaller...and when you are receiving loads of notifications being able to preview your messages etc will save you loads of time.
  • Learn how to delete unwanted notifications and how to clear your cache of deleted messages, emails etc.  There is usually a quick way to do this on every phone and it allows you to bin unwanted stuff easily and keep your phone clear for all the information, pics and mail that you are interested in. There is nothing worse than a mobile device full of unwanted bumph clogging it up!  Set your message limits and email limits on initial set up.
  • Sync your phone with your internet browser and then you will have instant access to your tablet, pc or whatever other electronic device you use.
  • Add your favourite widgets which will make it simple to access your most frequently used apps.
  • Uninstall any apps that you find you are not using, this is a simple process of touch and drag on most phones and allows you more space on your home screens to add the apps you really want.
  • Remember that if you are on a contract to turn off your Bluetooth and WiFi when you are not using them to give yourself some extra browsing time as and when you want it.

These are just a few simple tips for those who are just getting started, obviously phones do differ but most have simple drag, pull and swipe features and all should be explored to make the most of your mobile device.

Have fun!

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