Pokies Made Even More Exciting at Spin Palace

Besides a new Live Casino feature Spin Palace has also recently introduced a fabulous new development of interactive second screens to your pokies. This means you can now enjoy special bonus features whilst playing on your favourite game, resulting in your experience being even more exciting.  These second screen features allow you to control a central character, and all you have to do to trigger them is spin 3 or more scatter symbols then you are off, trying to make yourself some extra bonus cash.  So if you fancy controlling Lara Croft or Hellboy, then do give these games a go.

Spin Palace also offers those who enjoy playing their favourite game on the go a mobile app which is simple to download and great fun to play when you are on the move.  Fast becoming one of the most popular venues for playing your favourite online pokies, Spin Palace covers all mobile devices and provides you with ease of access coupled with some exciting and entertaining game-play.

This sleek online casino rightly prides itself on the wide selection of premium games which offer you the opportunity to play for massive jackpot prizes, prizes that can change a life-style beyond recognition. Just go to the winners pages at Spin Palace and see for yourself how much can be won.  We know that pokies are a game of chance, helped along by good betting strategies, but can you remember, back in 2012?  One new member (five days to be exact,) scooped a massive $1.750.000, joining the family of millionaires created by Spin Palace.  How good is that?

And when you take into consideration that Spin Palace pay out over $1 million each and every day the payout is over 97%..Now that is impressive! 

The Accessibility of Pokie Style Games Available to Young People

Whilst it is great to be able to play our favourite games responsibly online and now also on our mobile devices, there have been concerns growing in Australia about a virtual poker machine game which has become the highest grossing phone and tablet app in the country.

This app has prompted outrage from gambling critics and the established igaming industry alike.

And the outrage is justifiable as this free game which is also on Facebook simulates pokies but do not play with real money.  This is how these games wriggle into our children’s lives…by making use of credits etc.  The problem starts when all credits have been used players must either wait or buy more credits to continue playing.  This style of game is widely used on Facebook, where players find themselves playing for quite a time, and then finding that to progress any further without purchasing tokens, credits or whatever the game uses, is almost impossible.   It is the similarity to pokies as well as the ease access to gambling style games that worries many in Australia, and concerns have been raised that these games are 'grooming' young folk who are very susceptible to new fads.  Today our young people have access to a myriad of technology from iPhones to tablets and with this technology come the introduction to social networking sites such as Facebook.  It would be a responsible parent who checks where and what their children are accessing.

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