So you love to play the pokies but have you tried indulging in a little regular poker? This is one of the oldest games out there and the online version has become more and more popular. This is maybe due to its exposure on film and television but all we know is readers at will appreciate if they haven’t played before, but equally players who are old hands will want to check out our useful reviews. The game combines the thrill of the gamble with the added strategic element which makes it one ace game for fans of casino gambling…….. and of course there is the chance to win some big bucks!

How to play

Understanding the basics of how a hand works is essential before you can even begin, but you don’t need to worry as it is an awesome game and you will soon pick it up. You need to understand a basic 5-card draw before you get involved with more complicated variations. Once you’ve learned this, the other models and variations come naturally and you can get seriously involved in the online gaming world.

The game is regularly played with a standard 52 card deck and the winner is the player who has the highest hand. All players are dealt five cards and when playing online you can play against the computer (House) or other players. Your aim is to get the highest scoring hand and the majority of decent online sites and casinos will include a guide of how to play the game and understand which cards out rank others.

Many players use specific strategies to improve their gaming and there are whole books dedicated to strategy and tailoring your betting style to ensure you get the best results from your hand.

Types of games available

There are heaps of different variations to choose from, making the game even more thrilling once you’ve got to grips with the rules if you’re a newbie. The most popular types include Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud. At we have specifically reviewed a number of Australian poker sites, looking at their merits and downsides to ensure our players have the chance to enjoy only the best games available. Many sites offer tournaments and competitions giving players the chance to try their hand at reaching the lofty heights of a ranked player position. If you’re serious about your gaming, check out the tournaments discussed in our reviews. Freeroll tournaments are particular popular as they have no buy-in and are enjoyed by players of all experience levels. We cover eight of the top Aussie sites and check them out to ensure our readers are only party to the best deals and offers on the market.

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